Using SEO to Compete with the Biggest Players

Search engine optimisation is one of the most effective ways for an online business to extend their market and client base. Unlike social media marketing that can be unpredictable, SEO offers websites a way to climb result positions via search engines, in a way that can help to maximise a companies’ visibility.

The higher up a website displays for a specific set of keywords, the more likely they will be to receive traffic from searches; and this can lead to an incredible conversion rate.

Many small business owners are put off by the notion of having to compete against market leaders and internet giants. One fact that should help to reassure those facing these odds is that with the right specialist behind a website, and with a great strategy – nothing is impossible. This means that even the smallest business can compete with the largest players out there and as they climb, so too should their client base and audience.

How long can ranking take?

If a business owner is ever promised that they can expect results in days, or weeks – then they may want to think twice about opting for that provider. Although it is possible to witness results in these time frames, they are usually temporary in nature and will only last for as long as the black hat tricks utilised aren’t detected.

These tricks include methods that actively mislead search engines – and as you might expect, these engines don’t like that. Spamming links is one of the quickest ways to get a website delisted and so a professional optimisation expert will avoid these techniques at all costs. Instead, they will utilise organic methods that offer far greater results, over a longer period of time.

If an unsavoury provider quotes a few weeks on average, then a knowledgeable specialist will instead estimate anywhere between 6 and 9 months. Although longer in nature, the climb will have been far more natural and so search engines like Google will be far less prone to presenting penalties. This is why hiring the right expert can make all of the difference – and you should never base your decision on a false promise of immediate results.