Why You Should Never Attempt Your Own SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, isn’t anywhere near as simple and straight forward as it used to be. In the past, keyword stuffing, black hat techniques and other unsavoury habits were fine for websites that wanted to rank highly – but thanks to search engines and their advanced algorithms as of 2012 onward, it can now be detrimental to attempt to handle your own optimisation efforts.

Hiring an expert in the field, particularly one that has dedicated years following the industry and mastered the techniques, is far more recommended – and fortunately, there are several reputable brands in and around Melbourne to choose from. But with that in mind, the stark warning of having a site delisted, penalised and much more in between still isn’t good enough to stop optimisation DIY’ers.

Google want to catch you – fact

Search engines want their results pages to display nothing but organic results; or at least unless it’s them being paid to promote a particular product or service. Google makes AdWords an option to allow companies to bid and buy their way to the top of search result positions – but that doesn’t stop people from trying to outrank their competitors.

Google want to catch these types of offenders and if they do, a penalty could be put in place to restrict the visibility of a website or in extreme cases, the offending site could find itself de-listed from search results entirely!

What should you do instead?

Rather than using the built-in tools on websites, or attempting to add your own search terms in the form of keywords in a way that you don’t fully understand; it can make much more sense to hire an expert. These days, content just isn’t enough to rank a website and although it is the prerequisite for many SEO goals – an expert will still suggest using advanced techniques to assist with online visibility.

These techniques are incredibly technical and although some people might prefer to invest their own cash and utilise the methods themselves; the reality is a much harsher one.

If Google detect any issues or your efforts give them any reason to doubt the authenticity of your website (or those linking to it), then you could find yourself facing an unkind penalty.

Instead of risking these events, hiring a local SEO company may be more ideal, as you’ll be able to allow your chosen experts to take care of the technicalities for you. Sure, some people might see results with their own techniques for a short while – but for anyone hoping to rank highly within a competitive niche; one of the only recommended ways to go is an expert who will undoubtedly have a much firmer understanding of the field than a beginner.